XLL+ 5.0 - 30-day free trial version

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Download: XLL+ 5.0 - 30-day free trial version
File: xlp_demo_5_0_1_e.exe
Version: 5.0.1
Date: 07-Apr-06
Size: 47 MB

What's New in Release 4.3.1

Release 5.0.1 contains new features, including:

  • Support for Visual Studio 2005
  • Asynchronous functions using RTD
  • XLL Host module, to run XLLs without Excel


Description:Major commercial release
Files:xlpu_5_0_1_e.exe, xlpn_5_0_1_e.exe, xlps_5_0_1_e.exe, xlpt_5_0_1_e.exe, xlpv_5_0_1_e.exe, xlpw_5_0_1_e.exe, xlpx_5_0_1_e.exe, xlp_demo_5_0_1_e.exe

E00147ENH  - Support for Visual Studio 2005XLL+ version 5 supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The run-time libraries and samples use the new 'safe' functions of the C standard library. The help and user guide integrate fully with the new Visual Studio 2005 help formats and style, and the XLL+ tools work within the VS 2005 environment.
E00148ENH  - Asynchronous functions using RTDWe've added a new Real-time Data module, along with sample code and a User Guide, to let you write asynchronous functions that calculate in a background, and only return to Excel when a calculation is complete. The module uses Excel's native RTD mechanism to provide an asynchronous calculation implementation that is efficient, stable and unintrusive.
E00149ENH  - XllHost moduleYou can now use the wrapper libraries generated by the XLL+ COM Wrapper Generator with XLL Host to run applications on machines that do not have Excel installed. This makes it possible to deliver your Excel add-ins to production environments on business-critical servers without any change to your code.
E00150ENH  - ColorCell sampleA new sample shows how to set the colors of cells from a macro function.
E00151ENH  - UseTimer sampleThis sample add-in shows how to run a macro function at a specific time.
E00152ENH  - AvgOptAsync sampleThe AvgoptAsync sample demonstrates how to write asynchronous add-in functions that do their work in a separate thread, leaving Excel available and responsive. Excel's built-in RTD mechanism is used to update the target spreadsheet when calculation is complete.
E00153ENH  - Support for Proxy LibrariesA new virtual method, CXllApp::GetRegDllName, has been added which enables you to register add-in functions that are not contained in the XLL loaded by Excel. This allows the use of boot-strap XLLS, which is necessary for the safe use of the .NET (CLR) run-time libraries from an XLL add-in.
E00154ENH  - mtx_ptrs::erase methodA new method has been added to the mtx_ptrs template class, which allows you to erase a subset of the columns or rows in the matrix.
E00155ENH  - CXlFormulaRefresh::RefreshSheetThe CXlFormulaRefresh::RefreshSheet method has been improved, so that it is now much faster to recalculate handles. New methods have also been added: CXlFormulaRefresh::RefreshCell and CXlFormulaRefresh::RefreshRange.
F00080FIX  - Optional matricesThe Function Wizard was not emitting code to handle matrix inputs that were optional. This behavior has been fixed.
F00081FIX  - Function name lengthsThe Function Wizard restricted all 'C' functions to 32 characters. This constraint was required for Visual C++ 5 and earlier versions. The restriction has now been relaxed to 64 characters.
F00082FIX  - Argument names containing 'ia'The Function Wizard was failing to produce code for arguments which included the letters 'ia'. This behavior has been fixed.
F00083FIX  - Padding of argument descriptionsUnder most Excel versions, the Excel Formula Wizard showed two extra characters on most argument descriptions: a space followed by a period. This behavior has been fixed.
F00084FIX  - Set argument dimensions commandIn the XLL+ Function Wizard under XLL+ for Visual Studio .NET, the accelerator keys Ctrl+0, Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2 should have been setting the dimensions of the selected argument to scalar, vector and matrix respectively, but were being ignored. This behavior has been fixed.

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