XLL+ 7 for Visual Studio 2013 - licensed.

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Download: XLL+ 7 for Visual Studio 2013 - licensed.
File: setup_xlp7_120R_7_0_7.exe
Version: 7.0.7
Date: 17-Dec-15
Size: 210 MB

What's New in Release 7.0.7

XLL+ 7.0.7 is a full release, which replaces all earlier versions of XLL+ 7. You should uninstall any earlier versions of XLL+ 7, including XLL+ 7.0.6, before you can install this release. It contains the following enhancements and fixes:

E00261 NEW - Visual Studio 2015
A new version has been released which supports Visual Studio 2015.
E00259 NEW - Compiler warnings
Changes have been made to the run-time libraries and to the code templates to remove as many as possible of the level 4 warnings which occur when W4 is specified. Additionally, the sample applications' generated code has been updated where necessary.
E00260 NEW - Full text search in help
Generated help can now contain full text search, by means of the new FullTextSearch attribute of the Help element in the help control file.
E00262 NEW - UseTimer sample
The UserTimer sample has been amended to show how to cancel scheduled events.
F00164 FIX - CXlOper constructor for string arguments
Null pointer arguments for the CXlOper string constructors caused an exception. The constructors now treat null pointers as empty strings.
F00165 FIX - CXlOper::MakeRef and CXlFuncs::Indirect for addresses containing only a sheet name and cell address
In Excel versions since Excel 2010, the INDIRECT function causes a memory write error when called from the SDK with addresses that include the sheet name but not the book name, e.g. "Sheet1!A1". A work-around has been added to CXlOper::MakeRef and CXlFuncs::Indirect to prevent this error.
F00166 FIX - Function Wizard writes bad C++ code for extended types
When using extended types on some installations of Visual Studio 2012 and 2013, the #include statements are placed at the top of the cpp file, when they should be inserted after all existing #include lines. This behavior has been fixed.
F00167 FIX - Code in help had no line breaks
Under some configurations, the code quoted in the XLL+ help had no line breaks. This has been fixed.
F00168 FIX - CXllApp::PrefixFunctions
Method CXllApp::PrefixFunctions() was missing from the run-time libraries. This has been fixed.
F00169 FIX - Upgrade Wizard did not upgrade command line for Ribbon registration
When upgrading projects created in an earlier version of Visual Studio, the XLL+ upgrade wizard failed to upgrade the command line for the ribbon registration program, XlpRibbonReg.exe, to use the path for the new Visual Studio version. This behavior has been fixed.
F00170 FIX - CXlMacros::Note() failed with error 4
The function CXlMacros::Note() was failing. This behavior has been fixed. Calls to Note() have been added to the CreateBook sample project.
F00171 FIX - XlpRibbonServer.reg fails on 64-bit operating systems
A new version of the ribbon server registration file, XlpRibbonServer64.reg, has been supplied, for use on 64-bit operating systems.
F00172 FIX - CLR projects are created with .NET 4 as the runtime
CLR projects are created with .NET 4 as the target runtime. The documentation now describes how to change the CLR version targeted.

See What's new in XLL+ 7.0 for full details.

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