XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Gets the workbook name and sheet name of a CXlOper containing a reference

BOOL GetWorksheetNames(
   CStringA& stBook,
   CStringA& stSheet
) const;
BOOL GetWorksheetNames(
   CStringW& stBook,
   CStringW& stSheet
) const;



The workbook name will be placed into this string argument.


The sheet name will be placed into this string argument.

Return Value

TRUE if the function was successful. FALSE if it there was an error parsing the full sheet name.


For a CXlOper that contains a reference (either single or multiple) this function retrieves the full worksheet name, and splits it into two parts: workbook and sheet.

The function throws an exception of type CXlBadOperTypeException if the object does not contain a single or multiple reference.


Header: xllplus.h

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