XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

CXlWizExUIFunctionRegistry Class

The definition of the extended UI elements of a single add-in function.

class CXlWizExUIFunctionRegistry


A CXlWizExUIFunctionRegistry object holds all the extended user interface elements that have been defined for all the add-in functions in an add-in application. It is constrained to be a singleton - only one instance of this class may exist in an application.

Developers do not normally need to access it directly. When creating and registering extended UI elements, it is simpler to use the creator classes CXlWizExUIArgumentListCreator and CXlWizExUIArgumentPopupCreator.

The class is most likely to be used directly when setting up dynamic value lists, when it can be used to access a function's CXlWizExUIFunctionDescriptor instance, and then override a standard value list with a dynamically-created list.


Header: xlwizexui.h

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