XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

HandleCacheInstanceImportManager Class

Manages the sharing of object handles between XLLs.

class psl::HandleCacheInstanceImportManager


The HandleCacheInstanceImportManager class is a helper class that supports the sharing of object handles between different XLLs. In particular, it allows a one XLL - the handle consumer XLL - to redirect the search for certain classes of object handle to another specific XLL - the handle provider XLL.

Use pattern

The use of the class is very straightforward. In the consumer XLL, during the event handler CXllApp::OnXllOpenEx(), the object types to be found elsewhere shouyld be listed by calling HandleCacheInstanceImportManager::RegisterType(), e.g.:

BOOL CHandleConsumerApp::OnXllOpenEx()
    // Inform the controller that handles for the following object types will  
    // be sourced from "HandleProvider.xll"
    psl::HandleCacheInstanceImportManager::RegisterType(L"Thing", _T("HandleProvider.xll"));
    psl::HandleCacheInstanceImportManager::RegisterType(L"test::Thing2", _T("HandleProvider.xll"));
    psl::HandleCacheInstanceImportManager::RegisterType(L"std::map<std::string,std::string>", _T("HandleProvider.xll"));
    return TRUE;

The class name argument must be a wide (Unicode) string and must exactly match the form of the class name used in add-in functions. If a namespace is used in the add-in function's definition then the namespace must be used in the RegisterType() call.

Similarly, if template arguments are used, they must be in exactly the same form as in the add-in function, including white-space.

Note that the XLL name is in standard text form (either ASCII or Unicode depending on the project settings) and that it:

  1. includes the extension ".xll";
  2. does not include the directory of the XLL.

It is also essential that, in the provider XLL, the macro NONRTDHANDLES_IMPLEMENT_EXPORT is inserted before the inclusion of any handle header file, e.g.:

#include "extensions\StringHandles.h"

See the SharedHandles sample project for an example of the class in use.


Header: nonrtdhandles.h
Namespace: psl

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