XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Constructs a LockableHandleCache object

   CHandleFormatter<T>* formatter = 0,
   TCHAR sep = ':'



A pointer to an object derived from CHandleFormatter<T>. If set to 0, then a default formatter will be created.


The separator which will be used to separate the handle and the extra data added from the lock token. This should be the same as the separator used for the handle formatter. Set it to ':' to imitate the default handle formatter.


Once the formatter object has been passed to the constructor, the object is owned by the HandleCache, and will be deleted by it at the appropriate time. The developer should not delete instances of formatters that have been passed to the constructor. The developer should not create instances of formatters on the stack; they must be created on the heap, using new.


Header: rtdhandleslock.h

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