XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

Logger Class

A routing mechanism through which log reports can be written to files and other destinations.

class psl::log::Logger


All log events are routed through loggers. A named logger can be retrieved by calling Logger::getLogger.

A logger has a severity level which can be accessed in code via Logger::getLevel and Logger::setLevel. However, it is more usually controlled by configuration at run-time.

A logger may have one or more appenders attached. Whenever a logger receives an event of sufficient severity, it will write it in appropriate format to each of the appenders which is attached. Appenders can be attached using Logger::addAppender, but are more usually controlled by run-time configuration.


Pointers to loggers are retrieved as the smart pointer type LoggerPtr. This is a simple shared pointer to a logger.


Header: cpplog.h
Namespace: psl::log

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