XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

Settings Properties

The properties of the Settings class are listed here.

Defaults for arguments

public method DefaultArgumentType Data type applied to new arguments
public method DefaultFillArrayBehavior Array fill behavior applied by default to array arguments
public method DefaultFillArrayTargets Array fill flags applied by default to array arguments
public method DefaultMatrixContainer Template class used in C++ for the targets of matrix arguments.
public method DefaultTruncateArrayFlags Array truncation flags applied by default to array arguments
public method DefaultVectorContainer Template class used in C++ for the targets of vector arguments.

Defaults for functions

public method DefaultCategory Category used for new add-in functions
public method DefaultDoNotCallInFormulaWizard Default value for DoNotCallInFormulaWizard applied to new functions.
public method DefaultDoNotCatchStructuredExceptions Default value for DoNotCatchStructuredExceptions applied to new functions.
public method DefaultExcelVersions Controls which Excel versions a new function will support explicitly
public method DefaultFunctionExtensions List of function extensions automatically added to new functions.
public method DefaultIsThreadSafe Default value for IsThreadSafe applied to new functions.


public method MaxCharsPerLine The maximum number of characters per line in generated code.


public method DefaultExcelExe Full path to Excel executable file EXCEL.EXE. This is the version of Excel that will be used for debugging.
public method IncludePath Directory containing XLL+ header files.
public method LibPath Directory containing XLL+ run-time libraries.


public method TemplatesFolder Directory containing the XLL+ code generation templates.

Code generator

public method GeneratorClassName Name of generated class.
public method GeneratorNamespace Namespace of generated class.
public method IncludeDebugInformation Determines whether the emitted generator code will contain debug information.
public method TmpFolder Name of sub-folder of the user's temporary directory where generator code will be emitted and compiled.


public method CollapseAllSections Controls whether the Function Wizard automatically collapses collapsible regions in generated code.
public method EditorIdleInterval The number of milliseconds to wait between running background tasks in the editor.
public method FavoriteArgumentsFile Location for file containing favorite arguments.
public method InstallationFolder Returns the installation folder for this version of XLL+
public method MaxFunctionsOnMenu Maximum number of functions listed in the 'Select Function' menu.
public method ShowAdvancedProperties Show or hide advanced function properties in Visual Studio Properties window
public method ToolsFolder Returns the folder containing the XLL+ development tools
public method UserSettingsFolder Location for per-user XLL+ configuration files.

Help generator

public method HhcExe Full path to HTML Help Compiler HHC.EXE.
public method HhcExeResolved Full path to actual executable used for help compilation
public method IncludeHelpInDebugBuild Controls whether help files are included in the Debug configuration build of new and upgraded projects.
public method SkipHelpBuilderSetup Controls whether the command line for buildoing a help file is updated before a build.


public method UserName The name of the user of the XLL+ Tool-kit
public method UserOrganization The organization to which the user belongs

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