The topics listed below contain the essentials for getting you started with XLL Wrapper Generator.

You may prefer to follow the guided walkthroughs that show you step-by-step how to create, build and use an XLL wrapper library.

In This Section

Creating a wrapper project
How to create a Visual Studio project for a wrapper library.
Model files
How to create a model file, which defines the functions in an XLL add-in.
Wrapper classes
An introduction to the wrapper classes, and how to use them.
Client applications
How to develop client applications that call the wrapper classes.
Information files
An introduction to wrapper information files, which can be used by the developer to fine-tune and enrich the wrapper functions that are generated.
The build process
Describes the process used to generate code and build the wrapper library.
Deploying wrapper libraries
Lists the requirements for deploying wrapper libraries to users' machines.

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