XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

Adding your own content

Project element

First, let us change the front page of the help, by inserting a <Project> element into the help file, Tutorial1.help.xml. Paste the code marked below into the <Help> element:

  <Project Title="XLL+ Tutorial">                                  
      <p>This add-in contains all the functions from the following 
      XLL+ Tutorial sections:                                      
        <li>Getting Started</li>                                   
        <li>Basic Features</li>                                    
        <li>Intermediate Features</li>                             

We've made two changes to the page here:

  1. The main title of the help is now "XLL+ Tutorial".
  2. We've added new content to the Description section of the page. All the HTML within the <Description> element will be inserted into the page just after the standard description.

Function element

Now we will enrich the help for the HISTVOL function. Paste the code marked below into the <Help> element:

<Help ...>
  <Function ExportedName="HISTVOL">                                     
    <Argument Name="Prices">                                            
        <p>Note that if any of the values in the series are 0 or less,  
        then the function will return #NUM!.</p>                        

Here we have added an extra paragraph to the description of the Prices argument.

There are many other enhancements we might make to a function's help page, including:

Other content

You can also add your own HTML files to the help system, using the AdditionalFile element. See Additional Files in the reference for more information on adding files to a help project.

You can use the Section element to enhance the content of the category pages.

See the Help Generator Reference for a complete list of the grammar of help files. The comments inserted in each new help file contain examples of most of the available elements.

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