XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

Support for languages other than English

XLL add-ins built with XLL+ offer support for languages other than English.

Error messages

The error messages returned by XLL+ can be delivered in a selected language, or in the language of the current Excel user. For example, the following error message:

#ERROR: Expected at least 1 value for X

can appear in French:

#ERREUR: Au moins 1 valeur attendue pour X

See Error messages for more information about selecting a language for error messages.

Help files

Help files can be generated in the language of your choice. See Help: Languages other than English for more information.


The standard function categories of the Excel Formula Wizard, such as "Database", "Information" and "Date & Time" will appear in the language of the user or of the Excel version being used.


Error messages
Help: Languages other than English
International support

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