XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

Ribbon Manager Configuration Utility


XLPRIBBONREG.EXE is a command line utility that can be used to add entries to the XLL+ Ribbon Manager's configuration file. It is used as part of the build process within Visual Studio. It can also be used outside Visual Studio, at the command line. It can therefore be used as part of an automated build process.

The utility searches the registry for the location of the XLL+ Ribbon Manager module, XlpRibbonServer.dll. If the module is not found (and the -c option is not specified) then the program fails.

The utility attempts to open the configuration file XlpRibbonServer.config. The configuration file must reside in the Planatech\XlpRibbonServer sub-folder of the user's local application data directory, e.g. (under Windows 7): C:\Users\My Name\AppData\Local\Planatech\XlpRibbonServer. If the file is not found, it is created.

If an <addin> element is found whose location attribute has the same file name as the XLL being registered, then the element is removed. Note that this check ignores the XLL's directory, and only compares file names. So for example, if a file C:\MyAddin\Release\MyAddin.xll is being registered, and a file C:\MyAddin\Debug\MyAddin.xll is found, the element referring to the debug version will be removed before the release version is registered.

An <addin> element is added to the file as a child of the <addins> element. The element's location attribute is set to the full path of the XLL being registered.

The utility can be found in the bin sub-directory of the XLL+ installation.




Option Description
-a XllPath Required. XllPath must be the full path of the XLL to be registered. If the path contains spaces then the path should be surrounded with quotes.
-c ConfigFile Optional. Full path and name of configuration file. If omitted, XlpRibbonServer.config in the Planatech\XlpRibbonServer sub-folder of the user's local application data directory will be used.
-i true/false Optional. If true, ignore a missing file for XllPath. If false or omitted, a missing file will cause an error.
-q true/false Optional. Sets quiet mode on or off. By default, quiet mode is off.
-h Optional. Show help. Do not run the build.

Exit codes

Exit code Description
0 Program completed successfully.
1 A command line argument contained an error.
2 An error occurred while the program was running.


XLPRIBBONREG -a C:\Files\MyAddin\Release\MyAddin.xll -q true
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 
    <addin location="C:\Files\MyAddin\Release\MyAddin.xll" /> 
    <addin location="C:\AnotherFolder\AnotherAddin.xll" /> 


Visual Studio version: 2005 or above
XLL+ version: 7.0 or above

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