XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

XLL+ Extension Schema

This schema defines the contents of an XLL+ extension file. The root node of the schema is the Extensions element.

Two types of extension are supported: Extended scalar types and Function extensions.


Element Description
Code Contains the additional code that will be injected into the code generated by the XLL+ Function Wizard.
Extensions This is the top-level container element for every XPE file.
FunctionExtension This element defines a function extension.
FunctionExtensions This is the container element for FunctionExtension definitions.
Include The Include element allows the inclusion of another extension file within a file.
Inclusions This is the container element for Include elements.
Insertion This element defines a piece of code that is injected by a function extension.
Insertions This is the container element for Insertion definitions.
Item The Item element defines the localized value of a text for a particular culture.
Localized This element may contain zero or more Item elements, each of which defines the value of the text for a particular culture.
LocalizedDescription This optional element contains the localizable description of an extension.
LocalizedDisplayName This optional element defines the display name of an extension.
Parameter This element defines a parameter to either a function extension or an extended argument type.
Parameters This optional element contains a list of the type's parameters.
RejectionMessage This optional element contains a localizable message which will be used when an illegal value is entered for the parameter in the XLL+ Function Wizard.
ScalarType This element defines an extended scalar type.
ScalarTypes This is the container element for ScalarType definitions.