XLL+ Class Library (7.0)



xlpclrconvert.h contains some global functions that help with conversion between Excel value types and Common Language Runtime value types. All these functions are in the namespace ple::clr.

The file is automatically included in the project when the AppWizard creates an XLL+ project with CLR checked. In addition, the statement using namespace ple::clr; is added, to make use of the conversion functions simpler.


The table below lists the principal functions declared in the header file.

Function Description
toClr Transform an Excel value or array to an equivalent CLR value or array.
toClr<T> Transform an Excel array to a CLR array of the same type.
toXl Transform a CLR value or array to an equivalent Excel value or array.
toXl<T> Transform a CLR array to an Excel array of the same type.
objectToXl Transform a CLR object or array of unknown type to an Excel array of the appropriate type.

A full list can be found here.