Planatech can provide development services on-site in most countries, or off-site via the web.

XLL Plus

As designers of the XLL PLus product, we are ideally placed to provide development support for projects that make use of it. We are happy to get involved in projects of any size and in any role, whether we design and execute the entire project or simply provide quality assurance for in-house designs, or anything in between.

Specialist Programming & Software Development

As well as providing packaged tools and applications, Planatech can also supply tailor-made applications for specific problems in the financial markets domain. With expertise in risk management, derivatives, bonds, equities and portfolio management, we have recently provided components and complete solutions in the following arenas:

  • Historical data analysis and modeling
  • Programmatic interfaces to real-time data feeds
  • Options valuation and risk management tools and applications
  • Transaction management for on-line trading systems
  • Complete trading systems for fixed-income and equity operations

Web Development

Using our wide knowledge of web-based languages, tools and techniques we can design and deliver applications for use over the Internet or for corporate intranets.

We are particularly focused on providing systems that require minimal later maintenance on our part, and that can be configured, enhanced and maintained by the customer as required.

Technology Transfer

We have had success with technology transfers to software houses and to in-house development departments. This can be arranged under a variety of business models, from revenue sharing and licensing to one-off purchase.

Find out more about our capabilities in this area in our Technology Solutions site.

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