XLL Host 5.0.3 patch

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Download: XLL Host 5.0.3 patch
File: xlh_5_0_3_e.zip
Version: 5.0.3
Date: 01-Mar-07
Size: 118 kb

XLL Host 5.0.3

XLL Host 5.0.3 is a patch file, containing a new version of the XLL Host component pslxld01.dll.


  1. Uninstall your current copy of XLL Host by navigating in the command prompt window to the directory containing pslxld01.dll and running:

    REGSVR32 /u pslxld01.dll

  2. Copy the version contained here into its place.

  3. Register the new version:

    REGSVR32 pslxld01.dll

  4. You should rebuild all VB6 projects which make use of the XLL Host component.

  5. If you have projects in VB7 or above that use XLL Host, you should first remove the Reference to pslxld01.dll and then reinsert it.

Any problems should be reported to support@planatechsolutions.com.


Date: 1-Mar-2007
Description: Patch release
Files: xlh_5_0_3_e.zip

Item Change Description
F00085 ENH  - Support for Visual Studio .NET and 2005 A small breaking change was made to the type library of pslxld01.dll, to support the .NET interop generator. See the instructions above for installation instructions.

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