XLL+ 7 for Visual Studio 2017 - licensed.

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Download: XLL+ 7 for Visual Studio 2017 - licensed.
File: setup_xlp7_150R_7_0_10-exe.zip
Version: 7.0.10
Date: 19-Oct-20
Size: 180 MB

What's New in Release 7.0.10

XLL+ 7.0.10 is a new release, which introduces support for Visual Studio 2019. It also contains the following enhancements and fixes:

E00268 NEW - Visual Studio 2019
A new version has been released which supports Visual Studio 2019.
E00269 NEW - Ribbon features
The Ribbon schema is now dependent on host Excel version. It now therefore supports the austoScale feature under Excel 2010 and above.
F00180 FIX - VariantToXlOper fails on 1-dimensional arrays
VariantToXlOper fails to convert 1-dimensional arrays into XlOper. This behavior is required from later versions of the Excel object model, which can return 1-dimensional arrays from Range.Value. Previously all arrays were 2-dimensional. The ability to convert 1-dimensional arrays has been added to VariantToXlOper().
F00181 FIX - Do not call in Formula Wizard fails under some circumstances
Functions marked as 'Do not call in Formula Wizard' were still being called from the Excel Formula Wizard under some circumstances. This behavior has been fixed.
F00182 FIX - Updated readme.txt
The file readme.txt produces by the AppWizard has been updated to reflect new and changed generated files.

See What's new in XLL+ 7.0 for full details.

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