XLL+ 7 for Visual Studio 2010 - 30-day trial.

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Download: XLL+ 7 for Visual Studio 2010 - 30-day trial.
File: setup_xlp7_100T_7_0_8.exe
Version: 7.0.8
Date: 16-Jun-16
Size: 184 MB

What's New in Release 7.0.8

XLL+ 7.0.8 is a full release, which replaces all earlier versions of XLL+ 7. You should uninstall any earlier versions of XLL+ 7, including XLL+ 7.0.7, before you can install this release. It contains the following enhancements and fixes:

E00263 NEW - Allow named grouped arguments to be omitted
Grouped scalar arguments that are supplied with labels can now omit one or more of the grouped items, so long as each such item is marked as optional. The LabelledArgs sample project has been updated to include an optional argument.
E00264 NEW - Queued sample
A new sample add-in, Queued, has been added. This project demonstrates the use of queued asynchoronous functions.
F00173 FIX - Queued functions could fail to update
Functions that are marked as Queued can fail to update after completing their asynchronous calculations. This behavior has been fixed.
F00174 FIX - Bad 64-bit platform settings for Visual Studio 2015
On Visual Studio 2015, the 64-bit platform settings of projects created with the XLL+ Application Wizard were faulty, and projects could fail to build. This has been fixed.
F00175 FIX - CXlOper::GetWorksheetNames() documentation
The documentation for CXlOper::GetWorksheetNames() was missing. This has been fixed.

See What's new in XLL+ 7.0 for full details.

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