XLL+ 4.2 for Visual Studio 6 & .NET - Full release

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Download: XLL+ 4.2 for Visual Studio 6 & .NET - Full release
File: xlpu_4_2_5_e.exe
Version: 4.2.5
Date: 20-Oct-03
Size: 29 MB

What's New in Release 4.2.5

Release 4.2.5 contains some fixes and new features to support object handles. This release also introduces support for Visual Studio .NET 2003.

Item Change Description
E00113 ENH  - Visual Studio.NET 2003 support Support for VS.NET 2003 has been added. The installation programs of XLL+ for .NET and XLL+ Universal will now install the toolkit for VS.NET, VS.NET 2003, or both (for side-by-side installations).
E00114 ENH  - typename keyword The typename keyword has been added to template definitions in XLL+ header files, as required by VS.NET 2003, in order to conform to the ISO C++ standard. The typename keyword is only used if the compiler version (__MSC_VER) is 1310 or higher. Code using earlier versions of the compiler will not be affected.
E00115 ENH  - Object handles A new section has been added to the User Guide which describes how to represent C++ objects in spreadsheets as "handles". Two new sample applications using object handles have also been added.
E00116 ENH  - CXlMacros new methods Some new methods have been added to CXlMacros to support some of the more common calls to GET.CELL, and FORMULA.REPLACE.
F00064 FIX  - ple::mtx_ptrs::operator[] const The overloaded operator [] const contained a bug which prevented compilation. This has been fixed.
F00065 FIX  - CXlControlListBox A listbox with no entries caused the containing dialog not to appear. This behavior has been fixed.
F00066 FIX  - ReadMatrix() COper::ReadMatrix() and CXlOper::ReadMatrix() contained a bug whereby arrays with non-zero lower bounds might be written to using an out-of-bounds index. This behavior has been fixed.
F00067 FIX  - CXlMenu internationalization fix In versions of Excel that do not use English menu titles, user-defined menus could fail to appear. This behavior has been fixed.
F00068 FIX  - XllGetTypedApp() The ::XllGetTypedApp() method is now defined inline.

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