This page lists some of the resources available for XLL+ users.

Frequently asked questions

We maintain a list of Frequently Asked Questions. The list is updated periodically.

Installation help

Installing XLL+ 7
Installing XLL+ 6
Installing XLL+ 5

Language versions

Currently, localized language files are available for the following languages:


Visit the Downloads section to get the most up-to-date language versions.

On-line Help

The latest version of the XLL+ documentation is available at the links below:

XLL+ 7.0 on-line documentation
XLL+ 6.0 on-line documentation
XLL+ 5.0 on-line documentation

You can also download the entire XLL+ documentation sets in compiled help (CHM) format using the links at On-line help.

Floating License tool

Users of floating licenses can find a useful tool here.