XLL+ Class Library (6.3)

XLL Plus 6.3

Welcome to XLL+

XLL+ is a toolkit for writing Excel add-ins in C++. Use the links below to get started with XLL+.

Getting Started

Quick Start
To use XLL+ right away, use the Quick Start, a one-page guide to building an XLL add-in.
XLL+ User Guide
The XLL+ User Guide is a complete introduction to XLL+. It contains comprehensive instructions for using all XLL+ features.
What's New?
If you've used previous versions of XLL+ you should see what's new in this release.
How Do I...
Look at How Do I... for links to the essential XLL+ features.
To learn how to use particular features, look at the Walkthroughs.
Sample Projects
Inspect the sample projects, to find any features that you need for your own application.
Check that you have the right development and run-time environments for XLL+.

You can find the latest samples, tools and templates on our web-site at http://www.planatechsolutions.com/xllplus/resources.htm


The XLL+ toolkit contains four main components:

XLL+ AppWizard
The XLL+ AppWizard creates a new Developer Studio project, containing all the code required to build and register an Excel add-in XLL library.
XLL+ Function Wizard
The XLL+ Function Wizard is an add-in for Microsoft Developer Studio which lets you create and edit add-in functions. It generates all the code required for registering the function with Excel and for input & output of Excel data structures.
XLL+ ToolWindow
The XLL+ ToolWindow appears within Microsoft Developer Studio. It shows a list of all the XLL+ add-in functions in the active document. You can make changes to your add-in functions directly, using the Visual Studio Properties window, and you can change any or all add-in functions at the same time.
XLL+ Runtime Libraries
The XLL+ Runtime Libraries contain C++ object classes which give you easy & safe access to Excel features from within your add-in functions.

There are also many examples of code, including complete applications and walkthroughs, to help you on your way. Finally, there are tools to help you leverage your code, such as a Help Generator and a COM Wrapper Generator.

Version 6.3.7
Released 14 August 2011
Web www.planatechsolutions.com/xllplus
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