XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

CHandleFormatter<T> Methods

The methods of the CHandleFormatter<T> class are listed here.


public method CHandleFormatter<T> Constructs a CHandleFormatter object

Conversion functions

public method MakeHandle Creates a handle for an object.
public method SplitHandle Parses a handle and returns the guid and state.

Helper methods

public method Escape Replaces any separator characters in a string with escapes.
public method ExtractKeyAndState Parses a handle composed of separated parts and extracts the key and state.
public method Join Joins a set of strings, using a specified character (by default, a colon) as separator.
public method ReadState Reads a state number from text.
public method Split Splits a handle into parts.
public method WriteState Writes a state number as text.


Header: rtdhandles.h
Namespace: psl::rtd

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