XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

CXlArrayColumnIterator<T> Class

Iterates over the columns of CXlOper instances that contain arrays.

class CXlArrayColumnIterator<T>


The CXlArrayColumnIterator<T> class is a utility class to help you iterate across CXlOper instances that contain large arrays. The iterator traverses across each column of the array, starting at the left-most column and moving to the right-most column.

The class is normally accessed through a typedef of the container class: CXlArrayContainer<T>::col_iterator.

These iterators can be used to iterate through a CXlOper containing an array with minimum performance overhead. Compared with standard CXlOper programming, using these classes is harder work.


Use the class with the following pattern:

    double total = 0.0;
    if (input->HasOper12())
        CXlArrayContainer<XLOPER12> cont(*input);
        for (CXlArrayContainer<XLOPER12>::col_iterator c = cont.begin_cols(); c != cont.end_cols(); c++)
            // Look at a cell in the first row of the current column
            if (c->xltype == xltypeNum)
                total += c->val.num;
            // Look at a cell in the the second row of the current column
            if (c[1].xltype == xltypeNum)
                total += c[1].val.num;
    else if (input->HasOper4())
        // Provide this section only if you wish to provide support for Excel 2003 and below
        CXlArrayContainer<XLOPER4> cont(*input);
        // ...



Header: xlpfastit.h

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