XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

CXlCell Class

A reference to a single item within an array CXlOper.

class CXlCell


A CXlCell object represents a single item within a CXlOper array. It is created by calling CXlOper::Cell which, if it succeeds, returns a new CXlCell object.

You can use the CXlCell object to read and write the contents of the item within the CXlOper array. Many of the same methods as offered by CXlOper are available to CXlCell. Many are excluded, including methods that deal with arrays (CXlCell can only refer to a single cell), references (CXlCell must contain a value - it cannot contain a reference) and SDK calls.

Because Excel 2007 and earlier versions of Excel use different XLOPER structures, code that directly reads or writes the structure must be aware of which version of Excel it is using. The CXlCell class wraps these differences, so that you can ignore which version of Excel is being run.

Data types

The table below lists the data types supported by the CXlCell class.

Type 'C' type Description
xltypeNum double IEEE floating-point number (8 bytes)
xltypeStr LPSTR Under Excel 2003 and below: an ASCII string (limited to 255 characters)
xltypeStr LPWSTR Under Excel 2007 and above: a Unicode string (limited to 32,767 characters)
xltypeBool BOOL Boolean
xltypeInt short int Under Excel 2003 and below: a 16-bit integer
xltypeInt int Under Excel 2007 and above: a 32-bit integer


Header: xllplus.h

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