XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

CXlControlFormulaEdit Class

Formula edit control supported by CXlDialog.

class CXlControlFormulaEdit : public CXlControl


The CXlControlFormulaEdit class instantiates a formula edit field. The raw string value of the field can be read and set by calling GetValue() and SetValue(). Note that this value will contain references in R1C1 form.

The formula value of the field can be read and set by calling GetFormula() and SetFormula().

The user can populate the field by typing and selecting cell ranges in an Excel workbook, just like in the Excel Formula Bar.

Methods of parent class

Reference formats

The references contained in formulae may be formatted in either A1 or R1C1 format.

They will be displayed in the formula bar according to the format currently set for the instance of Excel. You can find this in the Excel Tools - Options dialog on the "General" tab. You can also set it programatically using the "OPTIONS.GENERAL" macro, and read it with the "GET.WORKSPACE" macro.


Header: xldialog.h

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