XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

CXlControlOptionGroup Class

Option group control supported by CXlDialog.

class CXlControlOptionGroup : public CXlControl


The CXlControlOptionGroup class groups together a set of option fields, each represented by a CXlControlOption object.

A group of options should be added to the dialog in a sequential group, and the group must be preceded by a CXlControlOptionGroup control.

The CXlControlOptionGroup object is never displayed, but its position can be used to set the position of the first member option.

Which of the options is selected can be read and set by calling GetSel and SetSel methods.

If the CXlControlOptionGroup is set to be a trigger (with the SetTrigger method), then the OnOption() event handler will be called whever the selection is changed.

Methods of parent class


Header: xldialog.h

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