XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

CXlMacros Class

Supports calls to Excel macro functions.

class CXlMacros


The CXlMacros class contains only static methods. Each of these methods calls the corresponding Excel macro function.

None of these functions may be called from worksheet functions.

Return values

All methods return a result code, which is zero if the function has succeeded, and non-zero if the function has failed for any reason. See Error codes for a list of return values.

Note that the results of some functions may still contain Excel error values, even if a zero result code is returned, and you should take care to test the type of these results where appropriate.

Worksheet functions

CXlFuncs only contains macro functions. If you want to call an Excel worksheet function, use the CXlFuncs class.

Other macro functions

The CXlMacros class does not implement all Excel macro functions. If the function you want is not implemented, you can call it yourself via the CXlOper::Excel() method using the techniques described in Calling an Excel built-in function from your add-in.


Header: xlfuncs.h

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