XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Returns the state of the byte stream buffer

bool ReadArgs(
   const char* pszFnName,
   void* pvFirstArg,
   bool bPrefixFn



Name of add-in function whose arguments are being converted to a byte stream.


Address of the first argument to the add-in function. This pointer is used to traverse the argument stack, using the add-in function's registered definition to interpret the items in the stack.


If true, the name of the function will be prefixed to the byte stream. This is useful if a single cache is used for more than one add-in function. If false, then the function is not prefixed. This is appropriate if each add-in function uses its own cache.


This method iterates through the arguments of an add-in function, and writes their values to a single continuous byte stream, optionally prefixed by the name of the add-in function.


Header: xlmarshal.h

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