XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Enables or disables an item in a menu

void EnableItem(
   const TCHAR* pszText,
   BOOL bEnabled
void EnableItem(
   int nPosition,
   BOOL bEnabled



The current text of the menu item, which may include an ampersand for a short-cut key.

This argument can contain a resource ID string. This will be replaced at run-time by a string loaded from the resource file in the current preferred language, as returned by XllGetStringLanguageID.


The new enabled state of the menu item. TRUE to enable the item, FALSE to disable it.


The index of the item in the menu. Note that the index of the first item is 1.


Enables or disables an item in the menu, either by name or position.

This function may only be called after Create() has been called. It will have no effect if it is called before Create().


Header: xlmenu.h

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