XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

CXlMenu Methods

The methods of the CXlMenu class are listed here.


public method CXlMenu Constructs a CXlMenu object without displaying it

Pre-create functions

public method AddItem Adds a menu item
public method SetTexts Sets the menu text and (optionally) description

Creation functions

public method Create Adds the menu or sub-menu to the Excel main application menu bar
public method Destroy Removes the menu from Excels' application menu bar.

Item methods

public method CheckItem Set the chcked state of an item in a menu
public method DeleteItem Deletes an item from a menu
public method EnableItem Enables or disables an item in a menu
public method ReplaceItem Replaces an item in a menu

Service functions

public method static method GetCallingMenu Determine which menu item called the current add-in function
public method static method GetCallingMenuItemPosition Determine which the position of the menu item which called the current add-in function


Header: xlmenu.h

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