XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Call an add-in function directly, and store the result

void CallAddin(
   CXlOper* pxloResult



The return value of an add-in function.


This function can be used to call an add-in function directly from another add-in function within the same library. The result of the call will be placed in the calling CXlOper instance.

For example:

CXlOper* BsTheta_Impl(CXlOper& xloResult, double Spot, BOOL Put, const CXlOper* 
    Div, double Borrow, double ImpVol, double Strike, long ValueDate, long 
    Maturity, double RiskFree, short int DayCount)
    // End of generated code

    // Call the array version of the function
    CXlOper xloCalc;
    xloCalc.CallAddin(BsCalc_Impl(xloCalc, Spot, Put, Div, Borrow, ImpVol, 
        Strike, ValueDate, Maturity, RiskFree, DayCount));

    // Extract a cell from the array
    if (xloCalc.IsArray())
        xloResult = xloCalc.Cell(6, 1);
        xloResult = xloCalc;

    return xloResult.Ret();

See the SimpOpt sample for an example of the method in use.


This is the recommended way to call local add-in functions directly. Any other method (such as simply copying the return value) may result in memory leaks.


Header: xllplus.h

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