XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Convert a formula between A1 and RC formats, using English language settings

BOOL ConvertFormulaIntl(
   const TCHAR* pszFormulaIn,
   CString& strFormulaOut,
   BOOL bToA1
) const;



String buffer containing the formula. The formula is assumed to be in English, using US English regional settings - i.e. arguments and lists are separated by commas; rows in arrays are separated by semi-colons; the full stop is used as a decimal point.

If the formula is not in the correct English format, then the call will fail. To convert a formula which works using local language settings, see CXlOper::ConvertFormula.


Buffer to receive converted formula.


If FALSE, then pszFormulaIn should contain references in A1 format; they will be converted to RC. If TRUE, the references should be in RC format; they will be converted to A1.

Return Value

Returns TRUE if the function was successful, FALSE if it failed.


This method requires that the calling object be a valid reference (i.e. this->IsRef() is true). Relative addresses in the formula will be treated as being relative to the calling object's reference.


Header: xllplus.h

See Also

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