XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

CXlUserConverterBase<ElemType, XlNativeType>::ResolveTypeName

Returns the name of the extended type for use in error messages

virtual std::wstring ResolveTypeName(
   const CConvertParamsBase& params
) const;



The conversion parameters supplied for the conversion. These include the argument name, and any extended type parameters set by the developer when the argument was specified.

Return Value

Returns the name of the extended type, as it will appear in error messages.


If validation fails, and false is returned by one of the conversion methods, then the ResolveTypeName will be used to resolve the extended type name. It will use the first of the following methods that has been implemented in the concrete class.

  1. GetTypeMessageId
  2. GetTypeNameW
  3. GetTypeName


Header: xlpconvert.h

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