XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

CXlWizExUIPopupProviderBase Class

The base class for a popup editor, providing a "..." button in the Formula Wizard, which can pop up a modal dialog.

class CXlWizExUIPopupProviderBase


An add-in can extend the Excel Formula Wizard user interface by displaying a popup button ("...") on an argument field. When the user clicks on the button (or presses Alt+Enter), the event is passed to an object derived from CXlWizExUIPopupProviderBase, and the Edit function is called.

To implement a popup editor, the developer must do the following:

  1. create a class derived from CXlWizExUIPopupProviderBase;
  2. register an instance of the class, by creating a CXlWizExUIArgumentPopupCreator object; and
  3. use the XLL+ Function Wizard to mark the argument to be edited, by setting the ShowPopupInFormulaWizard property to true.

Virtual Functions

A class inheriting from CXlWizExUIPopupProviderBase must provide an implementation of Edit. If a destructor is provided, it must be declared as virtual.


Header: xlwizexui.h

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