XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Gets a reference to the WorkbookAfterSave event

CXlWorkbookAfterSaveEvent& WorkbookAfterSaveEvent( );

Return Value

The function returns a reference to the application's WorkbookAfterSave event, which is of type CXlWorkbookAfterSaveEvent.


The WorkbookAfterSave event is raised when a workbook save operation is complete, and provides a flag indicating whether the operation was successful, and the saved name of the workbook. All registered observers receive the event via the CXlEventObserver::Update method.

When observers are notified, an argument of type CXlAfterSaveEventArgs is passed.


Note that this event is only available when running under Excel 2010 (Excel 14) or above.


Observers can register for this event at any point in the life of the XLL. Registration can be done explicitly using Register, or automatically by creating an instance of CXlWorkbookAfterSaveEventStaticObserver.


Header: xllplus.h

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