XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Loads the specified text file, parses the contents and applies them to the function filter

static bool LoadTextFile(
   char* path,
   CXllFunctionFilterLoader::LoadTypes loadType = CXllFunctionFilterLoader::OPT_IN



The fully qualified path to the configuration file to be loaded.


The strategy to be applied to the contents of the file: either CXllFunctionFilterLoader::OPT_IN, CXllFunctionFilterLoader::OPT_OUT or CXllFunctionFilterLoader::EXPLICIT.

For details of the effect see the note "Configuration file" in the CXllFunctionFilterEventHandlerFromFile class documentation.

Return Value

Returns true if the file was successfully loaded and applied. Returns false if the file could not be loaded.


Header: xlpfunctionfilter.h

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