XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

CXllPushApp Class

class CXllPushApp


This class is now deprecated, and has been replaced by a mixed push/pull model implemented in VBA.

It is included for the benefit of code written with earlier versions (4.2.5 and below) of XLL+.


The CXllPushApp class is a specialised sub-class of CXllApp. It provides all of the infrastructure for a multi-threaded add-in which can asynchronously update formula cells. Typical uses of this functionality are:

A class that is descended from CXllPushApp must implement the virtual function ProcessAsyncMessage().

CXllPushApp messages and threads

Data that is passed between threads in a push application should be contained in CXllMtMsg objects. Each implementation class should define a class descended from CXllMtMsg and enbed all the required data within it.

For more information, see Create a new class descended from CXllMtMsg in the User Guide.

Implementing CXllPushApp

A class descended from CXllPushApp() must implement at least the following:

  1. A data cache, for all external data used by asynchronous add-in functions.
  2. The virtual function ProcessAsyncMessage().
  3. The virtual function OnXllOpenEx().

For more information, see Steps to create an asynchronous add-in in the User Guide.


Header: xlppush.h

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