XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

CXllRtdFeedServerProxy Class

Contains an API for use with the XllRtdFeed RTD server, for calls from an XLL client to the RTD server.

class CXllRtdFeedServerProxy


An XLL add-in makes calls to the RTD server via the CXllRtdFeedServerProxy class.

The XLL also must provide a callback object, derived from IXllRtdFeedCallback, which will handle events raised by the RTD server.

Initialization and termination

During initialization (usually OnXllOpenEx()), a client should create an instance of a class that implements IXllRtdFeedCallback, and pass it to the RTD server via CXllRtdFeedServerProxy::RegisterClient().

The instance should be removed during termination (usually OnXllClose()) with CXllRtdFeedServerProxy::UnregisterClient().


An XLL should call CallRtd during an add-in function to indicate that the result is dynamic data linked to the specified topic string, and that the caller range should be recalculated whenever the topic is updated.

An XLL should call UpdateTopic whenever the specified topic has been updated. Any cells depending on the topic will automatically be recalculated. This method may be called from any thread.


Header: XllRtdFeedServerProxy.h

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