XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

CXllRtdFeedServerProxy Methods

The methods of the CXllRtdFeedServerProxy class are listed here.


public method CXllRtdFeedServerProxy Constructs a CXllRtdFeedServerProxy object

Initialization and termination

public method RegisterClient Registers the calling XLL as a client of the RTD server, and initializes the RTD server if necessary.
public method UnregisterClient Unregisters as a client of the RTD server. No further call-backs will be routed to the client.


public method CallRtd Makes a call to the RTD server, via Excel, indicating to Excel that the result of the current add-in function is dynamic.
public method UpdateTopic Informs Excel that the specified topic has been updated, and that cells linked to it should be recalculated.


Header: XllRtdFeedServerProxy.h

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