XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Registers the calling XLL as a client of the RTD server, and initializes the RTD server if necessary.

bool RegisterClient(
   LPCWSTR lpszClient,
   IXllRtdFeedCallback* callback



A pointer to a null-terminated unicode string containing the name of the client. This should be a name used only by this XLL. The RTD server can support multiple XLLs simultaneously, and therefore each client XLL must have a unique name. You can safely use the file name of the XLL for this purpose.


A pointer to an instance of a class derived from IXllRtdFeedCallback. This instance will receive events from the RTD serevr via call-back functions.

Return Value

The function will return true if the registration succeeded. It will return false if registration failed, or if the RTD server could not be initialized.


An XLL should call RegisterClient during initialization, usually during CXllApp::OnXllOpenEx.


Header: XllRtdFeedServerProxy.h

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