This sample demonstrates a way to author a real-time data-feed as a high-performance C++ Excel add-in.

The application uses Excel’s RTD (Real-Time Data) protocol, and demonstrates the following features:

  • Real-time data functions that return arrays as well as scalars.
  • Enhanced user interface for the Excel Formula Wizard, including drop-down lists for enumerated values, such as field identifiers, and a pop-up dialog for locating a security code.
  • Controls for managing the performance of the feed.

In This Section

Building and running

Instructions for building and running the sample applications.

Data feed architecture

An introduction to the components of a data feed add-in, and the flows between the components.


A general-purpose RTD server which provides the infrastructure and "wiring" for the Excel add-in.


A demonstration data feed server application.


A demonstration Excel add-in which allows Excel to display live data items from a data feed.


A demonstration command-line program that communicates with the data feed.


Instructions for deploying a feed server add-in on a user's computer.

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