XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Registers a handle type as being provided by another XLL

static void RegisterType(
   const wchar_t* wpszTypeName,
   const TCHAR* pszXllFile



The type of an object represented by a handle.

The class name argument must be a wide (Unicode) string and must exactly match the form of the class name used in add-in functions. If a namespace is used in the add-in function's definition then the namespace must also be used here.

Similarly, if template arguments are used, they must be in exactly the same form as in the add-in function, including white-space.


The name of the XLL which will provide the handles of the specified class.

Note that the XLL name is in standard text form (either ASCII or Unicode depending on the project settings) and that it:

  1. includes the extension ".xll";
  2. does not include the directory of the XLL.


For examples of use, see the SharedHandles sample project.


Header: nonrtdhandles.h

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