XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

LogLevel Enumeration

The set of severity levels that can be applied to log events and loggers.

enum LogLevel


LL_DEFAULT -1 If a logger is set to this level, then the severity level of its parent log will be used.
LL_TRACE 0 The lowest severity level. Use this for detailed context dumps, and within loops.
LL_DEBUG 1 The second lowest severity level. Use this for events which will be useful when debugging.
LL_INFO 2 Use this to record user input or commands, or for significant events.
LL_WARN 3 The lowest error level. Warnings are worth recording for later analysis, but do not require immediate action.
LL_ERROR 4 An error condition occurred, but the application can continue.
LL_FATAL 5 A fatal error occurred, and the application or module must cease operation.


Header: cpplog.h
Namespace: psl::log

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