XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Transform one item in a grouped CXlOper into a single value

template< class T >
void XlReadGroupedScalar(
   const CXlOper& xlo,
   T& value,
   const wchar_t* groupName,
   unsigned long index,
   const wchar_t* argName,
   unsigned long flags = 0,
   const T& defaultValue = T()



A reference to the input passed by Excel. This will contain all members of the group.


A reference to a variable into which the result will placed, if the conversion is successful.


The name of the Excel argument that contains the group. This will be used in error messages.


The index of the item within the group.


The name of the item within the group that is being converted. This will be used in error messages, and may also be used to search the grouped input.


A set of flags that control the conversion. See Conversion functions for a list of values.


The default value that will be used for an optional argument, if the argument is omitted by the user.


If the function fails for any reason, an exception of type CXlConversionException is thrown. This will be caught by the outer wrapper function, and converted into an appropriate form to be returned to Excel.


Header: xlpconvert.h

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