XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Transform a vector of extended type values into a CXlOper

template< class T, class XLT >
void XlWriteVectorEx(
   const std::vector<T>& values,
   CXlOper& xlo,
   const CXlUserConverterBase<T, XLT>& outerConverter,
   bool asRow = false



A reference to an input variable containing a vector of extended type values.


A reference to a CXlOper which will be set to values, if the conversion is successful.


An instance of the extended type's converter class. See CXlUserConverterBase for details.

If the converter class does not implement ConvertToExcel() then this method will fail, and an exception of type CXlConversionException will be thrown.


Controls the shape of the resulting Excel array. If false, then the result will be a column; if true, it will be a row.


If the function fails for any reason, an exception of type CXlConversionException is thrown. This will be caught by the outer wrapper function, and converted into an appropriate form to be returned to Excel.


Header: xlpconvert.h

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