XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

imtx_impl<T> Class

Default implementation class for the imtx<T> interface.

class imtx_impl<T> : public imtx


The imtx_impl<T> template is a default implementation class for the imtx<T> interface.

Any class that is descended from imtx_impl can make use of the matrix methods contained in COper, CXlOper and CXlArray, which support conversion of array data to and from Excel formats.

If your code already uses a matrix class, you can easily define an adaptor class desecended form imtx_impl<T> that will allow your existing class to be used as well.

The class also contains methods and operators that make it convenient to pass values to functions expecting arrays of type T.

The standard template classes mtx_ptrs<T> and mtx_flat<T> are descended from imtx_impl<T>.


Header: plemtx.h

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