XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

Overview of classes

The XLL Plus library contains a variety of C++ classes for use in writing Excel add-ins. All of these classes have been designed to simplify the use of Excel programming objects, but only a few are needed by programmers building the standard run of add-in functions.

It is possible to make productive use of the library with a simple understanding of just one class: CXlOper.

The table below summarises the principal C++ object classes available in the library.

Class Description
CXlOper An argument sent by Excel to an add-in function or a result sent back to Excel by an add-in function.
CXllApp The object representing the add-in library itself. It can be used to store data that is global to the library.
CXlRuntimeException The root exception class. All other exception classes are derived from this.
imtx<T> A two-dimensional array of numbers, booleans or strings.
CXlMenu A run-time menu added to Excel's main application menu bar.
CXlToolbar A run-time toolbar added to Excel's main window.
CXlRef A reference to a rectangular block of cells.
CXlEvent The base class for events. This class implements the Subject of the observer pattern.
CXlDialog A dialog displayed using Excel's native dialog mechanism.
CXllFinder A tool for finding and replacing the contents of cells.
CXlFuncs A class containing static methods for calling Excel worksheet functions.
CXlMacros A class containing static methods for calling Excel macro functions.
CXlOperCache A class which caches the results of add-in functions, preventing unnecessary recalculations.
CXllFn A representation of a single add-in function.
CExcelWnd An MFC window class that provides access to the Excel application window.
CXlArray An array of floating-point numbers passed by or returned to Excel.
CXlHandleStore<T, S> A store of objects, which can be accessed from add-in functions by their numeric "handle".
CXlFormulaRefresh A utility class, which can be used to force recalculation of any cell whose formula contains a specified function.
CXllCom Offers an interface for calling Excel's COM automation interface.
ExcelForm A C++/CLR window class that provides access to the Excel application window.
CXlValueListConstraint<INT_T> Defines a constraint on an integral input value, such that it must be a member of a specific set of values.
CXllRtdFeedServerProxy Used to return real-time data to Excel from add-in functions.

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