XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

mtx_ptrs<T> Class

Implementation of the imtx<T> interface using arrays of arrays.

class mtx_ptrs<T> : public imtx_impl


The mtx_ptrs<T> template is an implementation of the imtx<T> interface, and acts as a container of two-dimensional arrays of type T.

Because it is descended from imtx, it can make use of the matrix methods contained in COper, CXlOper and CXlArray, which support conversion of array data to and from Excel formats.

The class implements a storage method which maintains an array of pointers to homogenous arrays of type T. It is thus efficient as a data holder for existing functions which expect an array of pointers (i.e. T**).


mtx_ptrs<T> Example


Header: plemtx.h

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