XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

Matrix template functions

Matrix template functions are listed here.

Matrix adapters

public method mtx_adapter<T> Create an instance of an matrix adapter
public method mtx_const_adapter<T> Create an instance of a read-only matrix adapter

Matrix readers

public method flatreader<M> Create an instance of mtx_flatreader
public method ptrreader<M> Create an instance of mtx_ptrreader

Matrix writers

public method flatwriter<M> Create an instance of mtx_flatwriter
public method ptrwriter<M> Create an instance of mtx_ptrwriter

Copy operations

public method copy_offset<M, N> Copy one matrix to another, with offsets, truncating if required
public method mtx_copy_transpose<M, N> Copy one matrix to another, with the contents transposed
public method mtx_copy<M, N> Copy one matrix to another, resizing if required
public method mtx_flatten<M, V> Copy the members of a matrix to a flattened vector
public method mtx_transpose<M> Transpose the rows and columns of a matrix


Header: plemtx.h

See Also

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