XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

::mtx_copy_transpose<M, N>

Copy one matrix to another, with the contents transposed

void mtx_copy_transpose<M, N>(
   M& m,
   const N& n



A reference to a target object of type M that supports the imtx<T> interface.


A reference to a source object of type N that supports the imtx<T> interface.


This template function copies one matrix to another, resizing the target matrix if required.

The items in the source matrix are transposed in the target matrix, such that n.at(i, j) = m.at(j, i).

Both matrices must support the imtx<T> interface. The matrixes do not need to be of the same type, but they should each have the same item type T.


Header: plemtx.h

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